• CRUSHBOYS - In Your Rhythm (feat. Miami Beat Wave) [Radio Edit]
  • CRUSHBOYS - In Your Rhythm (feat. Miami Beat Wave) [DJ Technique Remix]
  • CRUSHBOYS - In Your Rhythm (feat. Miami Beat Wave) [Club Edit]



CRUSHBOYS - We All Need The Love

CRUSHBOYS - In Your Rhythm

„Practice makes perfect“ is a statement that holds true especially in the case of the Hip Hop genre, either on the mic or the mixer. Andreas Strobel’s practice with two turntables and a cross-fader made him at last succeed in winning a prestigious mix-contest at radio station Antenne Bayern in 2003. This was a huge step in the career of the young DJ, for he won a support slot on the tour of the two famous jurors, Tom Novy and DJ Friction. „Technique“ was already his pseudonym in the early days that he did credit to. He started to rock bigger events in the southern parts of Germany with his perfect match of party-friendly Hip Hop tunes and commercially successful dance music.

The CRUSHBOYS proved its huge potential for big room affairs at the party of RTL II’s famous dance program The Dome. This and other experiences led to the question of how to gain even wider recognition in the music biz. The encounter with Ulrich Hilbel was also a lucky break in 2010. As a jack of all trades on musical instruments and the production desk, he was the perfect complement to form the artist act CRUSHBOYS. Ulrich has already been programming beats for 15 years by means of minimal equipment. Looking back on a musical career as a producer for other artists, he was the one who put the project on solid ground. Minimal are also the Techno beats Ulrich has started to spin only 4 years ago. It was vocalists which were to accomplish the team. Luck fell in the right place at the beginning of 2011, when they contacted Florida based studio of Miami Beat Wave. The result of this contact was the remix of their album and thus, a door to vocalists was pushed open. On the benefit of this connection with the U.S.A., the first production for Newpool Music has been realized in 2012 by releasing their first single CRUSHBOYS – IN YOUR RHYTHM feat. Miami Beat Wave. Now in 2013 the second release follows. WE ALL NEED THE LOVE unifies the forceful concept of party-friendly, commercial dance music according to the idols of world’s famous David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and features AG Lyonz as singer.

For more information about CRUSHBOYS visit: crushboys.net